Are you aware of the Regulatory guidelines for credit / debit card usage?

You must use your credit / debit card in accordance with the directions issued by the Department of Foreign Exchange of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) on Electronic Fund Transfer Cards (EFTCs) and other guidelines.

Credit and debit cards should not be used for the following types of transactions:
Dealings in foreign exchange (Forex Trading)
Payments related to virtual currency transactions

Payments related to betting, gaming and gambling activities outside Sri Lanka

Payments for imports of goods to Sri Lanka for commercial purposes subject to the Regulations and Operating Instructions issued under the Import and Export (Control) Act, No. 1 of 1969 and amendments thereto

Please be advised that the Bank will take immediate actions to suspend payments/cash withdrawals in foreign exchange from EFTCs and bring the matter to the attention of the Director - Department of Foreign Exchange, if reasonable grounds exist to suspect that any cardholder makes payments/cash withdrawals in foreign exchange for purposes not permitted by these Directions.

Please remember:

  • to surrender the EFTCs to the Bank, if migrating or leaving Sri Lanka for permanent residence or employment abroad, as applicable.
  • to notify changes in residential status to the Bank, if any, accordingly.
  • to keep evidence up to the statutory record keeping requirement (06 years from the transaction date) in respect of withdrawal of foreign currencies using a debit card or obtaining cash advances through a credit card, that such currencies have been utilised for the transactions permitted under these Directions.
  • to seek prior written permission of the Director - Department of Foreign Exchange, for any payment to a person resident outside Sri Lanka through an EFTC for any purpose which falls outside the purview of these Directions.
  • that you have agreed to abide by the Regulatory directions by signing the EFTC Declaration.
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