Introducing Standard Chartered
‘Flex Credit’ to help you manage
your finances 


For the first time in the banking industry, you can now explore the benefits of obtaining a loan on your credit card limit at 0% interest p.a. and enjoy a ‘payment free’ period of your choice. You can pay back at the end of the tenure with no repayment commitment of the loan during the tenure using Standard Chartered ‘Flex Credit’.

  Key Benefits:  
  Enjoy 0% interest with a payment holiday (except for 1% loan outstanding added to the monthly Minimum Amount Due)  
  Convenient process with no documentation  
  Get cash disbursed to any existing bank account of your choice  
  One-time processing fees starting from 3.75%  
  No. of referrals (Approved cards)

Cash reward
(Cashback to credit card) LKR


3 months



6 months



9 months



Thank you for banking with Standard Chartered.



Terms & Conditions

  • The Credit Card Flex Credit is only available for Primary credit cardholders.
  • The minimum & maximum amounts for the loan, the tenures and pricing will be at the discretion of the Bank and are subject to change from time to time.
  • The 0% interest rate is only applicable to the loan amount taken from ‘Flex Credit’ and is only valid for the tenure agreed. Any existing outstanding balances and/or amounts subsequently incurred on any Credit Card Account, including instalment payment transactions, will be subject to the prevailing interest rate chargeable for the Credit Card Account if these amounts are not paid in full.
  • The approved Flex Credit loan amount will be credited to a Standard Chartered Bank Account, or any other bank Account provided by the client during the request.
  • 1% of the loan amount is included to the monthly statement to be paid as Minimum Amount Due. If payment for the full amount of Minimum Amount Due is not settled, Interest charges will apply for the outstanding amount in the statement.
  • If the Credit Card Account is closed voluntarily or involuntarily, the Flex Credit total loan amount will become immediately due.
  • We reserve the right to foreclose the loan and bill the entire outstanding amount if the earlier payments are overdue.
  • At the end of the tenure period, the prevailing interest rate will apply.
  • The one-time non-refundable processing fee on the Approved Amount will be charged to the Credit Card Account.
  • Transfer of funds proceeding from Flex Credit to settle any Standard Chartered Credit Card, or Loan is not permitted.
  • Approved Loan Amount for Flex Credit will not be eligible for any Rewards Points.
  • We reserve the right to (a) decline or approve the request with a lower amount than the amount requested, and (b) withdraw, or vary the terms of, this programme at any time with prior notice.
  • General Credit card Terms & Conditions apply.

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